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    Vortex Tunnel

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    The Spinning Vortex Tunnel!

    Description: Spinning Tunnels which are also known as vortex tunnels or rotating tunnels—are devices used at many large events and festivals. When people walk through the center of a spinning tunnel they can experience vertigo and a loss of equilibrium as their brains receive conflicting signals from their bodies and senses. This feeling is what makes the Vortex Tunnel so popular with all ages.

    The traditional version of the spinning tunnel consists of a tube made up of a series of rings which is typically up 10 feet high and up 20 feet long. The tunnel liner bears images or designs that create the illusion of movement while the tunnel is in motion.

    Requirements: Unit requires a relatively flat surface about 30ft x 50ft. We prefer to set the Vortex Tunnel up on concrete or asphalt, but grass is acceptable as well.